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November 24, 2017


Discover the healing power behind the sound of crystal bowls. Singing bowls have been used for decades. The resonance of the bowls grow our interior space, the time slows down and we are nurtured in slower more potent pace. The alchemy bowls made of metals, minerals or crystals, activate our chakras, organs and organ system. The combination of what the bowls are made out of, for instance, amethyst activates the crown chakra, while rose quartz activates the heart chakra, and how we receive their sound in our bodies is the basis of why the bowls are so moving and healing.
Yoga Nidra (as a technique of pratyahara meditation) not only provides relaxation
to the body and mind but also has a number of benefits. Literally, nidra means
‘sleep’ but refers to a type of ‘sleep’ with full awareness that is internalized. Within
the practice the body sleeps but the mind remains awake listening to the
instructions. The state achieved is often
a state between sleep and wakefulness.
Yoga Nidra is a systematic method of complete relaxation, holistically addressing
our physiological, neurological, and subconscious needs. By quieting the
overactive conscious mind, then moving into a meditative state, gradually finding a
state of “pure consciousness” in which the brain waves slow down. Practitioners
will feel rested and rejuvenated.

*$15 Class fee. Pre-registration required.*