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Denise Bonnaig

Well, I walked into my first yoga class because my sister and a friend suggested (more like 'prescribed') it for me!
It was about time to stretch my muscles as they were bulking as a result of lifting weights and bench pressing, and oh, all that boxing. I was 'ripped' and 'cut.' But rigid, too- not only in my workout regimen, but in the way I was living my life.
And yoga? I thought yoga was for wimps, or perhaps wimp-ettes. Yes, that's right- wimps or wimp-ettes!

Before embarking on my own self discovery, and the self inquiry process that led to my personal transformation, I was one of those "bring it on" types. I was boxing my way through life, no matter what. And to make sure that I got the proper training, I went to the gym daily, sometimes twice a day and took boxing classes, pumped iron, and ran 40 miles per week while my mind also sprinted through my long to do list. There was no time to waste!

Yoga was the vehicle that I climbed into, it 'drove me' to transform my chaotic life, into a more happy, effortless, abundant, and successful one.

I became SERIOUS about transformation, growth, and healing. We all should be! I realized we cannot afford not to be, in today's world! In my classes, be prepared to sweat while transforming your wounds into love, power, forgiveness, and gratitude.

Accordingly, I created my customized blend of spirituality and strategy, not only in litigation, but in life. And since then, in addition to litigating employment law and immigration law cases, I have become a 500 hour Certified Baptiste Yoga Instructor, acquired an E-RYT 500 hour certification from Yoga Alliance, obtained an advanced Certificate from Kula Yoga NYC, completed David Regelin's 75 hour Katonah Yoga style Teacher's Intensive, and became an New York University (NYU) trained Executive and Personal Coach.

I am a mother to three sons, a wife, & first-time grandmother.

I have massive love and gratitude for Baron Baptiste, who has handed me to MY SELF, and helped me figure out what I want to contribute to the communities I belong to. Thank you to Schuyler Grant, and all the teachers at Kula Yoga, NYC, who contribute daily to my wellness and growth. I have deep gratitude for the innovative and inimitable David Regelin, who introduced me to Katonah Yoga, and in fact, saved my life. And last, but not least, every single student who ever attended my classes, retreats, and workshops, and every single teacher I ever practiced with, has added immeasurably to my love of yoga and motivated me to do what I do.

For more information, please visit:

www.princetonpoweryoga.com/, www.authentiquecoaching.com/ and www.bonnaiglaw.com

Denise Bonnaig is currently not instructing any classes.