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 30 Days




$52 for 4 Passes Every 4 Weeks  

Student/Senior Membership

$42 for 4 Passes Every 4 Weeks

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One Month Only Unlimited

Powered by Infrared Heat with the Best View in Town

Our studio is powered by an environmentally & body friendly system at a maximum 90 degrees sustainable temperature. Infrared heaters create heat that is similar to the sun. They radiate a light healthier than the heat generated by other type of heaters by not reducing humidity and oxygen content in the room and you can enjoy the benefits of natural sunlight without the dangerous effects of UV radiation. Infrared heat also promotes HEALTHIER BLOOD CIRCULATION. 

Rise is located right in the center of town overlooking Nassau St. and the University of Princeton. Walking distance to restaurants, coffee & tea shops and shopping.

We “” Athletes

  Calling All Athletes to Rise!

Our Deep Stretch Classes are designed specifically for athletes. One of the proven benefits of Deep Stretching is hydration in the connective tissues and deep muscles. 
In Deep Stretch, we apply the principles of Yin, a slower & longer hold per pose to deliver moderate stress to the connective tissues- the tendons, fascia and ligaments- with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility. Room is mildly heated between the temperature of 80-85 degrees for more muscular pliability. All levels are welcome.



Packages & Membership 

Rise Power Yoga has a variety of price options, ranging from a single class, passes or membership. Our mission is to successfully make yoga accessible to all individuals by offering affordable  options and still provide proficiency in the quality & safety of each classes with highly trained instructors. We also offer single and group private sessions.



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We “” Beginners




Take the first step, and we’ll help you rise above the rest!

 I’m new to Yoga. Where do I start?


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We are all powerful from within. Like the sun, we must rise from our personal power each day and radiate a light that other’s can shine from. 
Like the moon, embody patience and compassion, so other’s can discover their fullest potential through yours.